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in Drinking-water

As living standards improve, more and more consumer attention from the problem of drinking water rapidly rising, the installation of household

Water purifier

To improve drinking water quality, the pursuit of many people. But the water filter on


High maintenance requirements, there is the slightest negligence may be counterproductive, into water, not only is clean water do not succeed, tends to health risk.

Recently, Mr. Chang to the PRC Wuxi consumers


Said he in a 2008

Appliance World Expo

Bought a pin at water purification, spent 1,800 yuan,


Staff explained that the product can remove water chloride, bacteria, and other impurities, producing the weak alkaline water, can cure stomach ailments, lower blood pressure. After installation, although there is no way to verify the efficacy in the end, but has not abnormal, he also has been considered to be workable. But recently, Zhang drinking water filter system that sets out the water and suddenly feel stomach pain, then family members have similar symptoms, so they suspected a problem with water purifier. He will be out of the water system, water purification units sent to quality control testing, to detect bacteria in water exceeded, family Naodu Zi is because of this dirty water to drink. Mr. Zhang to find local dealers, distributors are looking for an excuse to shirk. In order to protect the health of their families, Mr. Zhang had to dismantle the machine, water purifier.

Reporters later investigation learned that a great number of water purification business sale


Not perfect, causing some consumers home water purifiers not timely cleaning and maintenance, resulting in water purification device into the sewage, endangering the health of the consumers.

In addition, poor after-sales service as part of the business, to consumers in many maintenance problems. Ho, Shandong consumer complaints to the newspaper, said in 2009 he and some friends spent more than 2,000 yuan respectively, water purifier installed pipeline, early this year found leaking. He called to the dealer and found that phone has been shut down, can not find a distributor. Gave phone manufacturers, manufacturers that point was still adjusting after-sales service, maintenance can not come.

Industry experts told reporters, according to China's "drinking water health supervision and management measures" provisions of the production water purifier health permit must be obtained approval document, a number of small firms can not obtain approval document which has been eliminated. Meanwhile, a water filter cartridge as little as 3 months to more than two or three years to be replaced, while there are nearly a hundred water purifier parts, as long as a seal, water pipes properly, will result in leakage problems, while some SMEs although water purifier production in national sales, service points, but is difficult to spread, leading to maintenance difficulties.

Experts advise consumers: buy water purification, to choose a health permit approval document, as well as perfect after-sales service network of the brand. During use, but also pay attention to maintenance and timely replacement of core concern to avoid water purifier device into water, leading to secondary pollution, endangering their health.

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Beware Of Short

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This article was published on 2010/10/16