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Water after filtration, which removes impurities, suspended solids, bacteria, chlorine, pesticides, taste, organic pollutants, heavy metals and other harmful substances, only retain beneficial minerals and trace elements, can be used for directly drinking water. Home filtered water quality and taste equivalent to mineral water or mineral water bottled.

Drinking water on home straight Installed in the kitchen Water purifier Can, filtered water from the auxiliary net tap, for people to drink. There are two kinds of water purification machine, one is not the end of the flow of water purifier, the market price from several hundred dollars to more than 1,000 yuan, more suitable for a small population of households; the other is the central water purifier, flow over large, more suitable for large chamber and the population of households, mostly in the price of 1,000 yuan to 2,000 yuan, or more. Direct benefits of drinking water

family The greatest advantage is healthier drinking water, and easy to use, open the faucet there is water at any time. Use costs for the first time the product cost is not high, in the late stage of the process to be replaced on average once every other year or so Filter , Cost about two to three hundred dollars, daily cleaning and maintenance are easy, almost no time cost.

Water Filtered tap water to remove all the impurities inside, including the harmful substances and the beneficial minerals and trace elements, leaving only pure h2o water. The purity of 100% pure water, does not contain any impurities, taste better, the equivalent of pure bottled water.

Drink water on home straight Installed in the kitchen Pure water machine , The installation location and method of water purification machines and the same is also equipped with a dedicated pure water tap, can be directly consumed. Pure water machine Slightly higher than the price of water in your machine, usually around two thousand dollars.

Water benefits Compared with the clean water, pure water of higher purity, taste better, healthier, safer, especially for the elderly and families with children. But using the cost slightly higher than the water machine, for the first time to buy more expensive machines, the frequency of late to replace the filter and water purification machine almost, but the price filter to your point about more than 300 yuan each.

Soft water Ordinary tap water is alkaline, so water is quite hard to reduce or remove calcium and magnesium ions in tap water, water quality will capitulate, which is soft water. Soft water not for human consumption directly, but as living water, such as bathing, washing clothes, washing dishes, fruits and vegetables, etc., than ordinary tap water feel softer, comfortable.

Achieve home water softener Installation Water softeners . One is the need for salt in water softeners, its principle is replaced by ion exchange of calcium and magnesium ions from tap water to get soft water, according to the flow rate, market price from more than 1000 yuan to four or five thousand dollars. The other is salt-free water softeners, the total elimination of water through electrolysis of calcium and magnesium ions, which use more convenient and space saving, but prices are expensive.

Benefits of soft water With soft water feel softer, comfortable, washed dishes, clothing and more clean, and can prevent the scale, to protect water pipes and water equipment, a long bath with a soft skin is better. However, the use of soft water machine cost is relatively high, particularly salt type, the average monthly increase of 200 ~ 300 yuan needed salt. And usually also take time to clean salt.

3 quality comparison Taste the mineral content of impurities necessary equipment in the late stage of installation and ease of use costs

Good little water to facilitate low-water machine
Pure water machine easily the best non-free slightly higher
Soft drink straight not a little inconvenience to the maximum the number of water softeners

Optional equipment but also pay attention to the following water
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Clean Water, Pure Water, Soft Water, Comparison Of Three Different Water Quality - Water, Soft Water

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