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Drinnking water - which is put into you body very much everyday - must be safety. You should care about the amount of chemicals and toxins in drinking water. It's increasing all the time.


Water is an important part of our daily diet. Like you know, our bodies are made up of mostly water. Our brain is almost 80% liquid and our liver is over 90% liquid. Being dehydrated or having toxins in your water impacts these organs directly.


Chances are, your local public water system is ancient. It's filled with old pumps and piping. The treatment systems are probably old too. Most use chlorine in an attempt to clean the water.


Chlorine is actually a poison. When exposed in small dosages over time, you dramatically increase the risk of getting cancer and other illnesses. In fact, if you are drinking public water that has chlorine in it, studies have shown that your chances of getting cancerous tumors increases by up to 90%. That's a scary number isn't it?


If you are not drinking purified water, you're heading for some serious health problems. The toxins in your water will build up in your body over time. This will greatly contribute to you getting terrible diseases.


You need to be 100% sure that that water that comes out of your drinking water faucets is safe and healthy. You need to filtrate it properly to remove all of the chemicals and other contaminants to ensure there's no concerns about your drinking water safety.


So, you need to have your own purification system at home to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your water is safe. Your drinking water faucets can be turned into a healthy source of purified water.


You may think buying water is a smart way to go. Well, think again. The plastic containers have chemicals that break down and end up in the water. These chemicals can increase the risk of getting diseases like cancer. So, even if the source of water is great, it's ruined by the contamination of the container.


When selecting a purification system, avoid any that use reverse osmosis technology. This type is based on forcing water through a membrane. When this occurs, the vital minerals we need from drinking water are removed. Plus, molecules from toxins can pass right through the membrane.


So, some food for thought on drinking water safety. The only way to know for sure that your water is safe is to purify at home. Do yourself a favor and get a purification system today.

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Drinking Water Safety - Truth To Know

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This article was published on 2010/06/07