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The past year, the Prince of mountain water, Ltd., can be said that a year of historic importance. This year, with many years of accumulated operating company, and the joint efforts of all staff, she won four major awards Yejie: first adopted the "ISO22000 Food Safety management system certification, "was rated" A national food sanitation class companies, "the cut" 2009 Top Ten recommended drinking water brands of departments, "as well as honored with the" safe water production base in Guangdong Province "awards for the 2010 founded 10 anniversary of the painting on a successful close.

Prince spring is how to create "safe water production base in Guangdong Province" of? It is understood that, due to global Financial Turmoil, many companies are affected sales. Prince spring vigorously product quality and personalized service, but to buck the trend, the emergence of both production and sales situation. Despite such a good performance, but the company management did not meet the status quo, but be prepared, fully aware of market competition. To further the water industry in Huadu, the gap of the competitors, and far ahead, not only in sales volume has exceeded more important to the quality, service winner, and even water source protection, hardware equipment should also increase large inputs, have development potential security can build a true brand.

Prince spring first increase investment in hardware, in one step the introduction of world-class expressive Long lines and filling capacity up to 2,000 barrels per hour of water equipment. Then the software under the force, first passed the "ISO22000 food safety management system certification." With the above necessary conditions have to declare the State Food and Health A-level qualifications of enterprises by province, city, district leadership expert and rigorous assessment of relevant departments, the prince spring the company was named "the State Food and Health A-class companies."

Line to find the best source aim of Guangdong, in August 2009, the Guangdong Provincial Association of bottled drinking water industry related media organizations, relevant experts, in-depth the various water sources throughout the province and enterprises a full range of inspection, investigation and interviews. Solemnly launched the "2009 Top Ten recommended drinking water brand of departments," which Prince springs as spring water, Huadu District, Guangdong Province, the only top ten brand promotion, a "2009 Top Ten recommended drinking water brand of departments," one of Huadu District, the water company to create the tenth anniversary celebration of welcome and adding luster and glory. Moreover, executives said the prince spring to enhance the company's reputation and brand reputation, to enable consumers sought after Prince Springs brand, enhance brand loyalty of purpose, has been working to lay three cards: sincere service, high-quality water, good quality. Good water conservation, increase automation equipment investment, according to provincial standards we have created a garden safe water production base, and won the trust of consumers and the bottled water industry association in Guangdong Province and the expert recognition granted Prince Spring "safe water production base in Guangdong Province," the award. For spring 2009, the Prince is, can be called "honor years." Accumulative

Prince spring, after years of accumulation and summary of the value of innovative services, in the present highly competitive market Environment For water enterprises to further focus on quality and service business philosophy focused on opening a new way of thinking.
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Prince Spring To Create "safe Water Production Base In Guangdong Province" - Prince Spring

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This article was published on 2011/01/12