Pure Drinking Water - 5 Health Secrets of Pure Drinking Mineral Water

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Are you aware of the health benefits associated with pure drinking water? Chances are that you are not yet aware since evidence of the negative effect of contaminated tap water upon our collective mental and physical wellness are only now emerging. Studies are showing that most public water supplies contain traces of man-made chemicals, agricultural poisons or even pharmaceutical drugs and growth hormones. For your education, here are 5 health secrets connected with consuming 100% pure drinking water.

1st Secret: The ability of the human body to heal itself depends upon the availability of clean drinking water.

The human body consists of more than 72% water. Many healing processes inside the body takes place in the presence of water. The presence of pure uncontaminated water is essential for effective healing to take place.

2nd Secret: The nervous system can be harmed due to a lack of or contamination of nervous fluids.

The nervous system is a complicated structure of tiny waterways through which electrical signals are sent to the individual cells of the body. Dehydration thickens the nervous fluids and may cause the distortion of signals. The fluid can also become polluted by harmful heavy metals such as lead. This leads to disruptions in the normal functioning of the nervous system. Problems associated with this may include anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome.

3rd Secret: Effective digestion of food and the absorption of nutrients depends upon enough water being present.

Ingesting enough pure drinking mineral water is essential for gaining the optimum amount of nutritional value from the food we eat. Dehydration can limit the amount of essential nutrients extracted from food during digestion and absorption.

4th Secret: Drinking more water may help to increase our energy levels and decrease fatigue.

Even minor dehydration can lead to decreased energy levels and minor fatigue. A small percentage decrease in the total amount of bodily fluid may cause a loss of vitality and energy in ordinary human beings. This happens because the liver uses water to turn fat into energy. Therefore a lack of water equals a lack of energy and increased fatigue.

5th Secret: Proper detoxification is reliant upon large amounts of pure drinking water.

Water is essential for the flushing out of toxins that are present in the human body. These toxins are commonly received from the environment we touch, the air we breath or the food we eat. The regular and daily consumption of pure drinking mineral water helps the body to get rid off these harmful chemical compounds. This increases the overall health of the body and brain and decreases the risk of degenerative disease.

Home water filter systems can provide us with the pure drinking water we need for everyday health. It can filter out harmful toxins such as chlorine, lead and synthetic organic chemicals. Remember these secrets and start to apply them in your daily life so that our public health may be increased significantly.

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Pure Drinking Water - 5 Health Secrets of Pure Drinking Mineral Water

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This article was published on 2010/04/03