The Appeal of Water

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Water contributes to our health in more ways than most of us realize. Water enables our bodies to function, restore and cleanse.

Considering that our body is comprised primarily of water, it comes as no surprise that we should be consuming water to replenish the supply within our body. Breathing, walking, sitting, all of these activities cause us to use water in our body. If you are lean or if you use your muscles regularly, you are constantly losing water.

Every person has different needs as to how much water they will need to consume. The average recommendation for most people is around 8 glasses of water a day. Most people find that this increases naturally with changes to lifestyle and habits. While drinking as much as three or more litres of water a day can be a difficult task for some, water doesn't have to be difficult to fit in. Here are some ways to sneak in more water or add some variety:

- Keep a glass of water on your desk while you are working. Having water visually right in front of you reminds you that you should be drinking more of it.

- Purchase a fun, reusable container to drink your water from. Again, a visual reminder to drink water helps to keep us hydrated. There are many environmentally friendly drinking containers you can purchase that will inspire you to keep drinking. As an added bonus this strategy is good for the environment because reusable bottles will replace those disposable plastic water bottles.

- Drink water every morning. Make drinking water a part of your wake-up routine in the morning. By drinking water first thing in the day it has us on the right path to drinking water throughout the day.

- Add some flavour. Lemon is a very common additive to water that can help improve the taste as well as added heath benefits such as aiding in dental care, high blood pressure and even weight loss. Some additives you may not have tried are: herbs such as mint or lemongrass, sliced cucumbers, ginger, and also fresh or frozen berries.

- Tea or sugar-free drink crystals can also add a little bit of a change to regular water. These can be a good alternative if you find drinking water does not taste very good or if you need liquid but aren't in the mood to drink plain water.
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The Appeal of Water

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This article was published on 2011/01/11